Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Celebrating!

Today is a big day!!!! I am officially down to 230. That's a loss of 31.2 pounds. That's 25% of the way there. Only ninety more pounds to go!

Why celebrate 25%?

One hundred twenty one pounds is a BIG goal. Frankly, it's too big to really think about. If I didn't break it down into more reasonable chunks then I would get too discouraged by the long road ahead and just give up. I chose to break the goal down in reasonable chunks instead.

I started my fitness plan on June 6th. My first goal was to lose the first 31.2 pounds by the time I go back to school on August 27th.

I finished that goal THREE WEEKS EARLY!!!

I like the idea of using the fall semester as my next block of time to complete my goal, so I'm going to set a smaller goal to get me through to the start of school. I would like to lose six more pounds by the time school starts on the 27th.

So that's my here is what I am celebrating.

• I'm down two sizes.
• I had to buy new scrubs for school because the old ones fell down when I tried them on.
• I have MUSCLES now, even if you can't see them really well when you look at me yet, I feel STRONG!!!
• My blood pressure has dropped from 152/90 to 128/82.
• I have ENERGY!!!! I can stay up until 11 and then wake up first think in the morning ready to sweat!!!
• My daughter told me she loves to give me hugs now because her arms wrap all the way around!!!

I am just loving today!!!

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  1. Awesome start! Reward yourself for a great beginning and keep progressing.